Eight Points Which Students Should Exclude From Their Essays

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Essays are an excellent way to see whether students possess a good command of a language and critical thinking concerning different terms. Being able to utilize relevant words and thoughts into smooth-flowing, coherent, and grammatically correct written discourse, you are sure to get the highest grade and improve your writing as well as speaking and logical abilities. However, there are a plethora of students that face various troubles when it comes to writing a paper. Some of the teachers only evaluate such works, pointing out mistakes, and giving short feedback. It may disorient students who aim to write academically correct essays. In order to acknowledge the most crucial point students should eschew during the written process, read on this article.

Why Is My Thesis Underlined?

Suffice to say, the thesis statement is the backbone of your essay, which sheds light on what arguments you are going to develop further on. It has to be written as the last sentence of the first paragraph and be concise, accurate, and well-developed. Sadly, some educators cannot explain why the thesis does not look good. First of all, you have to think of an argument that will give some picture to the reader of what you are going to tell. For instance, if you write about the benefits of doing sport, you need to provide some perks in a general way that will then be unveiled. “Sport is a beneficial activity that improves one’s health. The three main benefits of doing physical exertion are healthy joints, the advanced digestive system, and mental stability” would be better off than “People do sport for plenty of reasons. The three paramount ones are improved blood circulation because of regular and vigorous breathing, mental health because it makes one forget about detrimental things, and sexual life because it increases one’s libido.” The second sentence seems too accurate, which, in turn, will be harder to develop in body paragraphs, whereas the first one only gives some information you will be talking about. The thesis statement is thought to be the hardest part of the essay for students. As follows, a variety of them prefers to buy a cheap essay instead of delving into the problem.

Overuse of Quotes

It goes without saying that the paper is supposed to reflect your understanding of the topic and the research you have conducted to back up your arguments. Overuse of quotes creates second-thoughts regarding your authority and efforts put into writing the essay. Besides, quotes should be a starting point, from which you will develop your arguments of the thesis statement. According to widely established rules, it is acceptable to have one academic source per page, which means that it is fine to use one or two quotes per page.


Indubitably, we prefer to shorten our words, which makes our speech coherent and perceivable. Indeed, you can’t be corrected by the interlocutor because you have said “don’t’ instead of “do not.” Conversely, you have to eliminate contractions from your written speech. All you have to do is divide two words so that the paper looks and sounds polished, impeccable, and unprecedented. Having said that, rather than writing, “The author of the article doesn’t agree with the fact that carbon emissions lead to global warming” write “The author of the article does not agree…” After all, contractions are one of the easiest things to shun.

Slang and Idioms

By the same token, slang and idioms are irrelevant in academic essays, which also can demonstrate to your teacher that you don’t care about your score. It is obligatory to forget about slang and idioms that are so beloved, yet unacceptable during writing. Even if you don’t know how to explain something or the word is on the tip of your tongue, the English language is eloquent, sophisticated, and affluent, at least in terms of adjectives. Deploy OneLook Reverse and make sure you use different synonyms to the word “great,” “good,” and “beautiful.”

Poor Syntax and Co

Once the teacher has checked that the paper’s overall structure is correct (meaning you do have visible paragraphs, citation marks, and so forth) at first glance, he or she will evaluate whether your grammar and lexicon correlate with the real state of affairs. It is impossible to use Simple Past instead of Present Perfect to spawn dangling modifiers in each sentence, miss commas when needed, and commit other sorts of typos. Aiming to avoid the aforementioned notorious friends of a student, you need to seek help outside. Not only will Grammarly help you to refine your style in terms of syntax, but also it will show you missed commas, inappropriate citation, and will provide you with word-choice, making your sentences easy-to-understand.

Chaotically Designed Paragraphs

Although you need to have separate paragraphs to describe single arguments in each of them, it is still advisable to make the essay cohesive. To accomplish this, use transitional phrases like “to put it briefly,” “speaking about,” “hence,” et cetera. Furthermore, don’t forget that each paragraph has to have a topic sentence, which identifies your argument, and a concluding sentence, which encapsulates what you have just said.

First-Person Point Of View

The truth may be disconcertingly hard to swallow, but if you don’t have an academic title, your point of view can’t be considered; unless, of course, it is required in the assignment. Students can’t express their takes on some issues; therefore, it is recommended to avert using “I” in a sentence. Better use some alternative and neutral phrases like “one can argue that,” “one may say/claim/ask,” if you want to affirm a thought other than the author’s one. Plus, using “I” confines your argument’s perspective, affecting the general tone of the written discourse, and is an indication that your writing lacks earnestness.

Hyperbolization of Facts

For example, “Everyone knows that the COVID-19 outbreak occurred in Wuhan, China, and it is directly related to the food consumption…” Actually, not everyone knows that. Moreover, some people tend to think that it is artificially designed in the laboratory to reduce the population of the Earth. It’s their right, this is beside the point. Making assumptions seems like a straightforward way out of providing specifics regarding some concepts in the paper. Sometimes it helps to narrow down the word-count, but the rest of the time, it will make you worse off. It would be better if you use “scientists empirically identified that” or “historians believe that” when introducing the fact that you believe should be commonly known.

The Bottom Line

The question of errors in essay writing should be examined on some specific examples for the reason that there is a variety of mistakes one may commit and has to avoid. The list, as created above, portrays the most ubiquitous faults students can make. The problem may hide in the fact that instructors don’t put enough effort to improve learners’ writing skills, which leads to low grades. All in all, students have to pay severe attention to the paper’s requirements, eschew inappropriate citation, errors related to syntax and misuse of the tenses, idioms and another colloquial language, and the rest of the aspects that are mentioned in the article.