Eight Useful Ways To Organize Your Garage For A Clutter Free Home

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Everything that is not being used inside the home is taken to the garage and stored there in a cluttered disarray. Garden tools, construction materials and car parts are also thrown in as part of the mess. Okay, even outdoor shoes, camping gear as well as old toys and children’s clothes are sent to this storage area, hoping never to be seen again. 

A tendency of spring cleaning could also be to transfer everything that is not being used but holds memory to the garage and this usually leads to too much clutter which can cause accidents when your garage is filled to the brim with everything such as pingpong balls to power tools. 

Here are eight useful storage ideas to keep your garage safe and organized all throughout the year. 

1. Wall-mounted tool storage and work area 

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Creating an organized area where you can neatly arrange all your work tools, while having a foldable table to work on is a great way to assign a space for those days when you get into the mood for some house improvements. 

2. Overhead Storage

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Installing a steel overhead storage area is a great way of creating more space for boxes and bigger things you don’t necessarily use often. 

3. Hanging bike rack and helmet storage 

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This DIY hanging bike rack is a great way to save some storage space in your garage. And it looks good too! 

4. Shoe Storage 

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Creating a shoe rack and shelving for exercise gear in your garage can prevent your family from bringing in mud and dirt into the house. The garage will also act as an entrance and exit point when family members will go and exercise. 

5. Ball Storage 

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Save space and avoid accidents by building a DIY storage ball area which can be done so easily. It’s also a good way for children to know where to get and return the balls after playtime. 

6. PCV pipe storage for rakes and shovels

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Cut some used PVC pipes and install them on an unused wall to act as a holder for rakes, shovels and other long gardening tools that you may want to keep in an organized manner. 

7. Power tools storage section 

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Storing your power tools in an accessible manner makes it easier for the adults to find them and makes it out of reach for children. 

8. Cord and rope storage 

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Having a space to hang unused rope, cords and wires is a great way to keep all your string from getting tangled with everything else in the garage. 


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