Electric Car Facts: Are they Safe? Check Out All The Facts

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Vehicles are dangerous pieces of machinery and with the advancement of electric vehicles in the hands of the consumer, we reveal electric car facts.

No matter how safe a car is built, there will always be the risk of accident and injury. Traditional cars not only carry this risk but also a tank of gasoline along with it. This is a major fire risk for anyone in or close to the car.

Does having an electric car eliminate that risk? Sadly not. Electric cars still carry Lithium-ion batteries which pose the same kind of risk as gasoline.

But are electric cars safe to drive? Here are some electric car facts that may interest you.


More About Lithium-ion Batteries

Source: https://cleantechnica.com/

The use of a battery in place of gasoline sounds somewhat safer but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, the components of the Lithium-ion battery effectively make it prime for an explosion, with some actually calling it an explosive battery.

It’s the same type of components that are in cell phones and laptops, which are well known for catching fire spontaneously at times. This spontaneous explosion would be on a much larger scale with even the safest electric cars.


What Can Be Done?

The manufacturers of electric cars, like Tesla, are aware of these kinds of problems and have put some measures in place in the hope of avoiding them. For instance, the majority of safe electric cars should come with fuses and circuit breakers that can disconnect the batteries when an accident is imminent.

Obviously, the most important factor is the keep these batteries cool. The hotter they become, the more likely it is that they will combust. Manufacturers are aiming to keep batteries cool by circulating a chilled coolant at intervals when the car is active.


Regular Precautions

Source: https://www.pveurope.eu/

With electric cars quickly becoming mainstream purchases and replacing traditional engines, it’s only natural for people to wonder whether they’re going to be safe to use. If you’ve suffered from an accident in a vehicle in the past, you may want some assurance that electric vehicles will keep you safe.

All of the regular precautions are taken with electric cars. For example, passengers and drivers will still need to wear seat belts and airbags will still be required by law. Children will need to use car seats and booster seats until the age of 12.


Electric Car Facts: Where to Buy the Safest Car

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Just like any new trend in the automotive industry, there may be a few hiccups before electric cars are perfect for mainstream purchase. Knowing your electric car facts will put you in good standing for buying your first electric car.

If you’re thinking about buying an electric car, it’s a good idea to go to a manufacturer that puts safety first. For example, safety has always been paramount to manufacturers like Vauxhall, who are well known for being a family-friendly car maker.

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