Electric Vehicles Are Changing The World (And Here Are Five Reasons Why)

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Are you looking for a simple way to save the planet without having a huge impact on your day-to-day life?

The answer could be in getting yourself an electric vehicle and cutting out that gas-guzzling petrol-driven monster on your drive once and for all!

Vehicles of The Future

There are lots of different types of electric vehicles out there, from the electric cars that everyone knows and loves right down to electric golf buggies!

Choosing to swap to an electric vehicle is a great idea, and you can be sure that your vehicle has had some of the best brains in the country working on it to ensure it is efficient and safe for you and your family to be driving around in.

Here are five reasons electric vehicles are changing the world and why they are the best choice for our future.

New Jobs

The electric mobility and electric vehicle sector are booming, and jobs in the sector are also booming too!

It’s an exciting sector to be involved with and, for people with an MSECE (masters in engineering ECE advanced mobility), there are opportunities for really advanced careers and a job that pays big money.

It’s not just for those who have an advanced education either, working in manufacturing and engineering is one of the most innovative industries to be a part of, and more and more workers are turning to this exciting sector to fulfill their working dreams and earn good money to support their families in the coming decades.

Battery Longevity Is Improving

When electric vehicles first came out, they were very limited in the number of miles they could do per charge, and this meant they were difficult to swap to for the average person and meant that most of us ignored them for our day-to-day vehicles.

Now though, battery technology is improving every day, and electric cars can now do practically the same number of miles per charge as a petrol car can do per full tank, making them a much more reliable and flexible option for the family car.

Coupled with that, the price of batteries has also come down a lot over the past few years, which has helped to solidify electric cars as a viable alternative to gas cars for the everyday driver.

Vehicle Costs

Electric cars have typically been more expensive than standard gas cars and for a good reason. The technology and batteries needed to power an electric car meant that it wasn’t cost-effective to sell them at a reduced rate like gas cars have been sold.

Now the technology is older and the batteries are easier and cheaper to produce, the price of electric vehicles has been coming down rapidly, and just in time for gas cars’ price to rise!

The UK is leading the way in banning the sale of new petrol, and diesel cars, which means buying a petrol or diesel car could become much more difficult in the coming years, and that will push up the price of even older petrol and diesel cars to a cost that is unaffordable for many families on a budget.

The Environmental Impact

One of the biggest reasons that people switch to electric vehicles is that they are more environmentally friendly than their petrol or diesel counterparts, which means that owners can drive wherever they like without feeling guilty about destroying the planet.

Electric cars do have their environmental drawbacks, and they do create issues when it comes to waste and spent battery cells, but on the whole, the environmental impact of owning an electric car is less than the pollution caused by gas-guzzling standard cars, especially when thinking about the large trucks that are so popular across the States these days.

Improved Charging

If you’ve been thinking about swapping to an electric car, you’ve more than likely been worried off by looking at how long it takes to charge an electric vehicle, especially if you make a lot of long journeys.

The speed that electric vehicles charge at is definitely slower than it takes to fill up a car with gas, but most electric cars will charge happily overnight and can be given a quick charge booster in less than 30 minutes at one of the many stations popping up across the country.

When you consider that, electric cars can now do up to 500 miles per charge, the charge time is becoming less of an issue, as many of us rarely need to make journeys that long in one go!