Ellen DeGeneres Is Most Certainly A One Of A Kind Beautiful Soul

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Ellen DeGeneres is by far one of the most incredible human beings on this planet. Ellen is gifted with an impeccable sense of humor, a heart like no other and an insatiable ability to make other people smile.

Time and time again we hear about or see video’s of Ellen doing amazing things for everyday, ordinary people who may just need a little pick me up in life.

Breaking the 2000 Ellen Show episode mark recently puts Ellen in a category all her own. Her following is loyal, massive and we all know exactly why we love her.

The clip below is one of our absolute favorites that the Ellen show has produced in all their years. For many reasons this clip stands out. Not just because it involves a wonderful young man who beat the odds, thrived and survived with only half a heart, but we are able to see who Ellen truly is as a person.

This clip showcases Ellen’s true compassion for people. There is no doubt Ellen has a mound of things to do at all times in her life, after all she is one busy woman. But this is a woman, despite all she has to do, being super wealthy and famous, taking the time to care about a young boy who absolutely adores her.

This young boy was born with half a heart yet it would appear his half a heart was fuller than most humans whole hearts. This boy truly loves Ellen and you can tell that she truly loves him. Ellen kept in constant contact with him and his mother during many years of surgeries, heart attacks and finally a heart transplant. Ellen didn’t stay in contact for ratings, or because she felt bad…she kept in touch because she cared…and in the words of the young boys mother ‘He is alive today because of you, Ellen’.

A little boy, going through more than most will ever have to endure in a lifetime, looked towards Ellen for motivation and she never let him down, not once.

A pretty amazing woman she is.


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