Ellen’s Epic Oscar Selfie Is In Jeopardy Of Losing The ‘Most Retweeted Tweet’ Title!

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Ellen’s epic Oscar selfie holds the record for most retweets, but that could all change over a high school student’s quest for chicken nuggets!

Ellen recently released a video which displayed her fear in losing her title to a guy who asked for free chicken nuggets

A Twitter user named Carter Wilkerson asked Wendy’s food chain how many retweets would he need to get in order to receive a year supply of free chicken nuggets. Wendy’s responded with…18 million! Carter accepted the challenge and now has over 2.7 million retweets. Ellen’s record is held at 3.3 million retweets. 

So, Ellen has encouraged all who retweet Carter’s tweet…to retweet her tweet also. That way she can hold her winning position and Carter can reach his goal. 

Ellen promised Carter that if she can ride his coat tails to 18 million, she will give him a year supply of Ellen underwear as well as a big screen TV! 

Ellen is the bomb! She can’t lose to some free nugget challenge!


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