Eminem Gives Mind Blowing A Capella Freestyle Performance In ‘Shady CXVPHER’

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AWESOMEThere is no disputing that Eminem is one of the most talented freestyle rappers to ever live. Whether you are Eminem’s biggest fan or can’t stand him, you have to respect his talent. He truly is lyrically genius. The man has the natural ability to tell a story adding a musical rhythm with just his tone.

As I first saw Eminem’s A Capella performance in his video ‘The Shady CXVPHER’, I was memorized. I didn’t grow up in hard times, nor did I grow up in the inner city where I was poverty stricken or spent most days with the wrong crowd on the streets. My musical taste is all over the place, from rap to crap, rock without the roll and little soul. I can appreciate his talent as a form of art, that is set apart from all others and one that took him to the top of the charts. – CJ @ AJ

Take a listen because something tells me Eminem is making a comeback! Below is just Eminem’s part in the CXPHER video. The entire CXPHER video is at the bottom of the article which is in HD quality if you want to watch that one and skip to 11:51 where Eminem’s flow starts.


The entire CXVPHER video. Eminem starts at 11:51 if you want to watch in HD quality!

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