Eminem Hits Back At Gen Z With New Video After Trying To Cancel Him

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This cancel culture is just annoying at this point. These ‘kids’ who want to cancel everything and get offended by everything they see or hear — are nothing more than just a bunch of bored, babies.

And Eminem wasn’t having it.

Sure Eminem has had some hard hitting songs with some questionable lyrics, but that’s what makes Eminem’s music, real. He doesn’t sugarcoat things in order to grow a fan base or appease people — because why should you?

Now, after weeks of Gen Z yahoos trying to ‘cancel’ and ‘bash’ the rapper, Eminem has finally responded, sharing a video for his new song titled, ‘tone deaf’.


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So basically, Eminem won’t be losing any sleep over this whole cancel culture BS.

What these new TikTok(er) kiddos don’t realize is, Eminem has been around since before they were born. Eminem has been investigated before, he has been banned from entering countries, there have been mass burnings of his CD’s and he has pissed off just about everyone in Hollywood. And all of this coming before these Gen Z kids were even on this planet. So, it’s safe to say that these kids don’t have a clue who they are up against. Because, you know, all of the above has happened to Eminem and he’s still here.