Woman Loses 145-Pounds And Has The Last Laugh As She Rejects Men Who Once Bullied Her

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Losing weight takes serious dedication, perseverance, and above all, time. It’s not something that happens overnight, especially when you’re talking about dropping as much as 145 pounds.

Taking a look at these two photos side by side, you’d never guess that they were of the same woman.


However, both are 23-year-old Emma Pope from San Marcos, Texas. After deciding to pursue a career in medicine, she lost an astonishing 145 pounds through hard work and clean eating.


Her decision to lose weight was a long time coming. For year, bullies taunted her, calling her “fat girl” and even telling her to get off the court during a volleyball game.


As much as the cruel words made Pope desperate for change, she knew her journey to health would not be successful unless it came from within.


Instead of her daily diet of pizza and pasta, she started eating plenty of protein and grains. Of course, she added plenty of fruits and veggies to the mix, too!


She also works out a ton. On average, Pope hits the gym four times a week and consumes only 2,000 calories per day.


The results have been absolutely life changing. She told The Daily Mail, “I’ve had messages from guys telling me they are sorry for what they said to me…I doubt they are apologizing out of the kindness of their hearts. There’s definitely an ulterior motive, so any attempts to flirt with me, I reject them immediately.”




Haters aside, Pope is happier and healthier. She recently told her followers on Instagram,

“Wanting to be a better, healthier person is what fueled my fire. Having people bully me and then turn around and apologize years later after seeing how successful my life turned out was just the cherry on top. If I can do it, anyone can.”



You rock Emma!


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