EMT Proposes To Woman Two Years After Saving Her From Violent Ex-Boyfriend

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Domestic violence is an issue that run rampant throughout our nation. Statistics tell us that over 12 million men and women per year are victims of some sort of domestic violence situation.

In January 2012, EMTs in Clearwater, Florida, responded to the scene of a brutal attack. The victim, Melissa Dohme, had been stabbed over 30 times by her ex-boyfriend.

Melissa Dohme was asked to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Tropicana Stadium at Monday night’s Tampa Bay Rays game. What she didn’t know: Cameron Hill, her current boyfriend and member of the first response team responsible for saving Dohme’s life, was standing behind home plate waiting to surprise her with an engagement ring and a baseball that had the message “Will you marry me?” written on it.

Such a wonderful story and marriage proposal. I think it is safe to say that Melissa will never have to worry about getting hurt again as long as Cameron is around:-)

Source : Youtube