Painful New Engagement Ring Piercing Trend Growing In Popularity

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First there was the traditional wedding ring. Then came tattooed ring fingers in order to symbolize the unity between partners. Now…there is a unique, trendy but painful way to show your love to your partner – getting a single diamond implanted into the skin of the ring finger.

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The “ring” is placed with a dermal anchor. Unlike traditional piercings that go in one side and exit the other, to place a dermal stud, piercers must first remove a circle of skin with a dermal punch before using small forceps to insert a “dermal anchor into the resulting hole.” The bling is then attached to the anchor.

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The painful procedure results in a “floating” jewel in the middle of the ring finger.

It may be a more permanent version than a typical removable engagement ring – as removing the piercings can be difficult and painful – dermal piercings can be rejected by the body or migrate as cell grow around the invasive anchor, leaving a circular scar behind.

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