I Seriously Doubt Any Of These Dating Tips Ever Worked In Real-World Situations

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If you want to make a quick million, you should write a book filled with dating tips. They always seem to fly off the shelves, and there is no legitimate measure to see whether or not they actually work. These books are usually filled with bogus advice that hardly anyone would ever use. They can also be used to see what time period they were written in. Many of the dating tips in old dating advice books are quite antiquated when we compare them to how we date in the present.

You should sleep with Burt Reynolds instead.

Love is impossible, guys.

I don’t trust this guy at all.

I think this person just wants a naked maid.

Avoid at all costs!

That is very bad advice.

This is just weird looking.

That actually sounds kind of fun.

Wait, who is the guy in this picture? Is there a guy? I’m so confused.

Pretty girls aren’t like Pokemon; you can’t collect them.

“Don’t bore me with your nonstop yammering.” – That guy.


Well, you definitely shouldn’t pet other men.

Oh, beauty standards.

This is especially true for cat ladies.

Ouch! A delicate flower, eh?

Hopefully not too warm.

Especially not in the ears.

Unless he is Santa Claus.

All of this looks wrong.

Can we just admit that none of us know what our prospective lovers want? Love is a tricky game, and I don’t think there are any scientific measures to definitely land you a date or find the person you want to date. We are all dummies!