This Is How You Can Escape When Your Hands Are Bound With Zip Ties Or Duct Tape

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We certainly hope you never find yourself in a situation where your hands are bound by zip ties, but if you do…we have simply knowledge that could save your life. 

We live in a world filled with crime and uncertainty and although it is sad to say, many people find themselves bound by zip ties every year…and not because they want to be. 

The famous ‘Crazy Russian Hacker’ along with his good friend Taras Kul put together a video demonstrating how one can easily get free of zip tied hands. 

The method is simple and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the know how! 

First you must position the ‘locking’ portion of the zip tie in the middle of your wrists, either above or below the hands. Make sure your wrists are together and the outside of your thumbs are together, lift your arms high above your head and in one motion…slam your arms down so your forearms hit your hip bones.

As shown in the video, if you do a pelvic thrust motion outward as your arms hit your hip bones…it will create more energy which will make breaking the zip tie easier. 

**This will also work if you are bound by duct tape. 

We have also included a video of a young woman demonstrating how this method works. She throws her knee up instead of a pelvic trust…but both will yield the same results. Freedom. 


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