Essential Lawn Care Tips That Most People Aren’t Doing

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Lawn care is one of the less exciting parts of gardening, but can significantly impact your garden looks. Most people focus on their bedding out plants, choosing the perfect selection of flowers and details like furniture and decoration. This is all-important to create a beautiful garden, but it will considerably bring down your space’s overall look if your lawn is looking patchy and sad. You’re most likely doing the basics like mowing the grass when it starts to get too long, but are you caring for your grass like the rest of your garden plants? Adding some simple lawn maintenance to your gardening routine can make a massive difference to your lawn’s health.


One of the jobs you probably prioritize is watering your flowers and other plants in your garden to keep them from drying out in the summer heat. Are you giving your grass this same attention, though? This could be a simple way to improve your lawn’s overall health, and it takes very little time and effort.

The amount that you water your garden will depend on the climate you live in, the time of the year, and your soil quality. If you’re in a wetter part of the world, watering your garden may only be needed infrequently, while drier climates will need regular watering. Sandy soil will drain quite quickly, meaning you may have to water more often and be aware that if you have soil with a lot of clay, it can become waterlogged if watered too often.

In general, grass needs 1-2 inches of water per week through a combination of rain and manual watering. If you live somewhere that doesn’t often rain or go through a dry spell, then watering a couple of times a week is generally better than doing it every day. This will allow the soil to absorb all the water and will prevent overwatering.


The final thing you may not be doing to help the health of your lawn is aerating, which is poking small holes in your lawn to help water, fertilizer, and oxygen reach your grass. If you can feel that the soil your grass is growing in is particularly solid, or if you have lots of people walking and playing on the lawn, this will become more important. You won’t need to aerate too often, and aerators can be bought if you need to use one regularly. Renting an aerator may also be a cost-effective option – call up some of your local landscaping companies, and see if they have any machines you can use for a day or two. If you have a large lawn, you may want to consider hiring a professional such as rather than paying out to buy or rent an aerator. This will most likely be more cost-effective, as you probably don’t need to aerate more than once or twice per year to get the most out of it.