Essentials That You Must have in Your Office Bag

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One of the toughest jobs in the world is to make your office bag. The only difference is that you will be in a mess if you end up forgetting something important every now and then. A smarter approach is to make yourself an office bag and carry the following items in your office bag at all times.

Phone/ Laptop Charger

Batteries are one thing you can never trust and you can run out of them anywhere any time. However, you cannot afford to be without your phone and laptop while at work. Therefore, your office bag should have an extra charger for your gadgets just in case you run out of batteries.


Power Bank


If your work involves being on the move, or if you are on a field job where switchboards and charging boards are not available, invest in wireless power banks. Make sure your power banks are fully charged so that you have a backup supply.


Spare Data Cables/ USB

We frequently need to bring our data home to work on our pending projects at home. That relieves us from a lot of pressure at work. However, you cannot expect your boss or colleagues to lend you USBs or data cables for data transfers. Make sure you carry your personal flash drive with you in your bag at all times.


Hand Sanitizer


Whether you are a clean freak or not, a hand sanitizer always comes in handy. You share your workplace with numerous other people and you never know how hygienic they are. Moreover, you will be using the bathroom and will be having your meals but you do not know if you will have a water supply to wash your hands. Under such circumstances, a hand sanitizer is a true live saver.


Wet Wipes

You end up making your workstation dirty, you need to clean yourself or the cafeteria table is dirty. You can always fetch yourself with wet wipes to save yourself from any sort of inconvenience.




No matter how well dressed you go to your workplace. Your body odour is more than enough to put people off. When sharing space with others, it is important that you respect their space and control your odour. Moreover, it is important from a hygiene perspective. Carry a good deodorant in your bag at all times and use it whenever required.


Mouth Fresheners

Just like body odour, the dental odour is almost as important especially when you are in meetings and presentations. You would not want to avoid speaking confidently in the board room just because you have a bad odor. Carry mouth freshners in your bag and use them religiously.


Filtered Water Bottle


Filtered water bottles are a revolutionary invention especially for those who are into field work but do not have an immediate supply of clean drinking water. These bottles have a built-in filtration system that filters contaminants of any water and gives you safe water. Bring one of these bottles to work and enjoy clean and safe drinking water anytime anywhere.