Even With Some Help, These People Still Fail At Taking Selfies…UGH

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If you’ve ever taken a selfie (don’t lie, you have), you’re aware that it’s either incredibly hard to get everyone in the frame or it’s difficult to get the beautiful background in the photo. Enter, the “selfie stick.” You’ve probably heard about them and may have even caught a lucky glimpse of one. They’re all over Europe and Asia and recently made it to the U.S. – find them in any kitschy souvenir shop near you! Sure, they claim to be here to solve all your photo problems, but, despite being incredibly easy to use, some people still haven’t mastered the art of the selfie stick.

Check out some of our favorite fails below.

1.) Too. Many. Selfie. Sticks.

2.) But, why not just have him take the picture without the stick? This is all kinds of stupid.

3.) This WOULD have been epic, if it weren’t for that stick…

4.) Nope, not even close.

5.) The thing is, that’s not the point of the selfie stick…

Then again, to her credit, she did take a selfie.

6.) Again, not what it’s used for. But, bonus points for innovation.

7.) Just a few inches would have made all the difference with this photo – so close!

8.) You’d think a professional photographer would at least get it right…?


9.) They’re even getting it wrong in stock photography!


10.) They look really upset to be in such a beautiful place – probably because they know this photo will turn out terribly.

11.) Pretty tricky to hide it underwater, but I think he forgot that water 1. is clear and 2. magnifies things.

*Face palm*

12.) This was a completely unnecessary use of a selfie stick.

13.) This is just plain dangerous.

14.) Again, keep your eyes on the road, people!

15.) What made him think, “I really want to take a selfie in the bathroom”?

16.) Is this supposed to be tongue-in-cheek?

17.) Maybe take your headphones out next time?

Sure, some people epically fail with their selfie sticks, but at least there are a select few that get it right.

Happy selfie-ing, everyone. As long as you’re happy with the way things come out, I suppose that’s all that matters. Right?