Ever Call A Store, Ask If Something Is In Stock And Wondered If The Store Employee Actually Checked?

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Jack, of Jack Vale Films put together a video that exposes bad customer service. 

We have all called a store at one point in our life and asked if a certain item was in stock. Most of the time, the employee will say, ‘Oh no, we are out of stock right now’, or ‘You will have order it online’, but how do we know that they really checked to see if this item was in stock? We don’t! But thanks to Jack, we get a sense that many don’t ever really check at all! 

In the video, Jack calls stores to see if a particular item is in stock. While he is calling, a cameraman is inside the store filming the associate taking the call. 

Take a look below at just how shady some of these employees truly are! UGH!


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