Ever Wonder What Your Home Would Look Like Filled With Cats?

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If you love cats and ever wondered what your place would look like filled them, than these photo’s are for you!

Andreanne Lupien

French-Canadian photographer Andreanne Lupien found a group of cat-enthusiasts over the years, and photographed them in their homes with their cats. Then, she digitally multiplied the cats so that it appears, in the final images, as though their homes are overrun with felines. In reality, her subjects might only have one or two cats, but after Lupien’s editing, they appear to have many more. The series is aptly titled Crazy Cat Lovers, and the models were came from a group of both friends and strangers.

The series took Lupien over a year to complete, but she’s expressed her happiness at the results. You can see more cat-filled homes, as well as her other photos, on her website, including a series of selfies.

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