Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Mechanic Servicing

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Between work, personal commitment, and family time, it’s not always easy to find time in a busy schedule to drop the car off at a mechanic, particularly if you need the car to transport you to all of these things. This is why enlisting a mobile mechanic to service or repair your car is such a simple and convenient solution – mobile mechanics work around your schedule, and can come to your home or office and work while you do other more important things. Then, when they’re all done, they give you your keys back and you’re good to go! There’s a little bit more to it, though – in this article, we take a look at what happens when you hire a mobile mechanic to look after your car.

Things to prepare for before you get a mobile mechanic

If you’re looking for a mechanic but can’t find the time to drop your car off, a mobile mechanic in Melbourne is often the perfect solution. There are a few things to keep in mind before you book a mobile mechanic, however. For starters, it’s very important that you sort out the basics, first – ensure your contact details are correct, you’ve provided additional information if your location is an a difficult to access spot, and that the mechanic already has an understanding of the make and model of your car. If they have all this information, your mechanic will have already procured all of the bits and pieces necessary to service your car, but it’s important that any other relevant details are shared, as any hiccups in the sharing of information can mean that the mechanic has to return another day after finding something unexpected. This might include you sharing with them the service history of your vehicle, which would likely include receipts for previous work, the car’s logbook, or any notes you might have about the vehicle that they could find useful.

The mobile mechanics travelling workshop

The nature of being mobile will mean that a mobile mechanic will not necessarily be as well stocked as a traditional purpose-built workshop, and they will need to be able to perform the service wherever your car happens to be parked. To make their job easier and promote safety, ensure that your vehicle is parked on a hard, flat surface. If you don’t have access to such a space, you can even consider asking a neighbour or a relative if you can borrow their driveway for a few hours – just make sure to not do this unannounced, otherwise, you end up with a very confused and possibly annoyed person to deal with. In the event that you’re having the work done while you’re at work, a carpark with ample space would be ideal in this situation – don’t request a mobile mechanic to service your car if you’re parked on a packed street in the middle of the city.

Prepare for their arrival

On the day of the servicing, ensure that you have your phone with you and you’re ready to answer it at the car mechanic’s approximate time of arrival. If they’re not on time, do consider that factors like traffic can potentially be at fault, or they may even be lost (if your car is in a place that is hard to find, let them know!). in any case, make sure that you already have an arrangement regarding dropping off and picking up your car keys, and you should be all good to go!