Everything You Need to Know About Super Bowl LIV

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The Super Bowl is over for another year, which means the talk of football is going to decrease significantly for a little while, or at least until the NFL Draft happens in April.

However, if you still find yourself amongst people still discussing the Super Bowl, here is a quick guide to everything you need to know.

Where Was the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LIV was held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. This is the stadium for the Miami Dolphins NFL team.

Which Teams Were in the Super Bowl?

In 2020, Super Bowl LIV was between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

The Super Bowl is a playoff game between the two halves (conferences) of the NFL. The Chiefs were the winning team from the American Football Conference, while the 49ers were the winners of the National Football Conference.

Which TV Network Broadcast the Super Bowl?

Since 2006, the Super Bowl has been rotated around Fox, CBS, and NBC. This year’s Super Bowl was broadcast by Fox, who provided some of the most comprehensive coverage ever seen.

Fans could enjoy expert analysis from the Fox Sports team through their TV, their mobile devices, and through their computer. Multiple Fox apps for smartphones, tablets, and TVs carried the Super Bowl stream, as did the NFL.com website, and many local TV networks.

Source: Unsplash

Who Won the Super Bowl in 2020?

Super Bowl LIV was won by the Kansas City Chiefs, with a final score of 31 – 20.

The Chiefs had been trailing 20 – 10 going into the fourth quarter, and then managed to get ahead, scoring 21 points thanks to two touchdowns.

The Chiefs had been the bookmakers favourite to win the Super Bowl in the two weeks leading up to the game. Even though it was widely accepted that the difference between the two teams was minute, and that it would be a close fight.

Is a 21 Point Comeback Special?

Yes. The Kansas City Chiefs were down by a double digit figure heading into the final 15 minutes of play. They ended that quarter with a double digit lead. While not unheard of in American football, it is not an everyday occurrence.

People shouldn’t be too surprised by the Chiefs though. They did the exact same thing a few weeks earlier. When playing the Houston Texans during the playoffs the Chiefs were down 24 – 0, but eventually managed to finish the game 20 points ahead.

What About the Halftime Show?

The Super Bowl’s halftime show is one of the most anticipated parts of the big game. Many famous performers have taken part over the years including Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Prince, and Madonna.

In 2020, the Super Bowl halftime show was performed by Jenifer Lopez and Shakira. The pair didn’t get paid for their 14 minute performance, which came as a shock for some people in the media.

However, this is a long standing practice by the NFL, which has had a policy of not paying performers for the halftime show. It does for production expenses though, so performers are not left out of pocket. These costs can still add up to more than $10 million.

Performers agree to this, as it is a great advertising exercise for them. Spotify saw a 214% increase in streams of Justin Timberlake songs after his Super Bowl halftime performance, while Beyonce increased her concert ticket sales after she sang at the Super Bowl in 2013.

The 2020 performance by Shakira and Jenifer Lopez saw the pair singing in Spanish, a tribute to their Latin American heritage.

Best Super Bowl 2020 Ads

The ads shown on TV during the Super Bowl are also very popular among the 100 million people that tune in. Companies spend millions of dollars to get featured during the game, and they spend a lot to make their ads memorable.

Some of Super Bowl LIV’s best ads included 30 seconds of singing to promote Snickers, and a Rocket Mortgage ad that saw actor Jason Momoa remove some fake muscles to reveal a skinny physique underneath.