This New Company Can Vaporize Trash And Convert It To Clean, Renewable Energy

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A new startup company called the Sierra Energy can vaporize huge amounts of trash without any emissions and it results in producing clean energy.

They aim to convert all non-recyclable garbage found in landfills such as plastic, hazardous waste, rubber and every other trash out there.

This exciting company’s modified blast furnace use the FastOx gasification technology which heats trash up to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit  – temperature that is approximately twice as hot as the core of a volcano.

While this temperature seems daunting as to how much energy it will need to work, the system they have designed just simply injects pure oxygen into the furnace to generate the hear needed. The oxygen then reacts to the carbon found in the garbage and this combination creates carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The FastOx technology makes fuel that has been reported as 20 times cleaner than standards found in California.


Last month, Sierra Energy made an announcement of closing a $33 million Series A investment round for further development and technology commercialization for landfills and municipalities in order to convert waste to renewable energy and fuels.

Mike Hart, CEO of Sierra Energy said:

“The world is drowning in trash which, when landfilled, is a leading generator of methane, a greenhouse gas that is 86 times more harmful to our climate than carbon dioxide.

Our FastOx gasification technology can efficiently and cost-effectively convert this trash into electricity, hydrogen, renewable natural gas, diesel, ammonia, and a variety of other valuable end-products. When you combine our technology with recycling and other waste diversion strategies, you have the solution to the world’s waste problem as well as a valuable source of renewable energy.”

A commercial system of FastOx was first installed in a U.S. Army installation located in Fort Hunter Liggett, Monterey County, California back in 2017. They wanted to achieve zero waste goals in the army.



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