Fix Poor Posture And Back Pain With These Tips And Tricks From A Professional Fitness Trainer

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Poor posture or (hunchback posture) is more prominent nowadays due to increased technology use and time spent sitting behind a desk or on the sofa. But this hunched posture (also known as upper crossed syndrome, rounded shoulder posture, or kyphosis) isn’t something that should simply be ignored because it can increase your risk of injury in the gym and negatively affect your strength in key lifts like overhead pressing movements and the bench press.

In the video below, professional trainer Jeremy Ethier addresses the muscles that cause these postures and shows you some simple corrective exercises geared to correct poor posture. Many people realize they have poor posture and have back pain to prove it, but they don’t perform the right exercises in order to strengthen the weakened muscles and lengthen the tightened ones.

Performing the exercises shown below on a daily basis will do wonders for your body, back pain and posture!