Underground Factory Producing Fake Budweiser Beer Gets Busted!

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fake Budweiser factory

When you buy food and drink, you truly never know where it came from. Sure most of the goods we purchase come from a reputable and legal company, but just like hard goods, food and beverages are knocked off too! 

Well, recently three video clips making the rounds on WeChat have helped to shine light on one source of counterfeit booze, showing an underground factory in Dongguan which produced thousands upon thousands of fake cans of Budweiser each day before being busted by city authorities on May 5th.

No wonder booze in China is so cheap! 

In the first clip, female workers can be seen handling the recycled cans which are then canned by a machine on a conveyor belt in the next clip. Then, the third clip shows a Trade and Industry Bureau task force arriving at the factory to check out its stockpile.

According to city authorities, the underground factory was able to churn out 600,000 boxes of fake Budweiser a month, which were then distributed to bars and nightclubs.