Fake Pepsi Bottled, Sold & Caught On Camera

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Fake consumable products are becoming more and more of thing lately. From fake meats to your favorite soft drink. Most of these fake products are coming out of China.

Here you will see photo evidence of children bottling their own version of ‘Pepsi’ to distribute and sell.


First, used bottles are hunted for, bought, and some even taken out of the trash. These are eventually refilled.


The bottles are at least cleaned, but I still wouldn’t be one to trust them


The cleaned bottles are then set inside crates to be carried elsewhere for refilling.


Pressurized gas is then added to the bottles before they’re sealed for filling.


The fake product is now added to the bottles. At this point you can obviously tell sanitation isn’t their primary focus here, so hopefully you haven’t bought a Pepsi in China recently!


Used caps are then used to finish the resealing process. The fake bottles are ready for distribution.





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