‘FakeABaby’ – There Is Now A Website Where A Woman Can Fake A Pregnancy

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Well if this doesn’t deserve the Awesome Jelly WTF button I’m not sure what does!

Oh…it’s real. A new website called FakeABaby.com is fully functional and rather disturbing in our opinion. This website was first brought to our attention when we read of a young teen boy who was under the impression his teen girlfriend was pregnant with triplets. The young girl had her entire family convinced, school, community and even her church started a Facebook page to receive donations to help the soon to be parents with what they would need for parenthood.

Low and behold, as the due date grew near, the young girl was busted as there were no babies to push out. She had advised her boyfriend that the babies were premature in size and that is why she wasn’t overly large for being pregnant with triplets and that the doctor wanted the babies to stay in her womb for longer.

The boyfriend noticed the ultrasound pictures did not look right and with further investigation, found that his girlfriend had purchased them on FakeABaby.com. She simply changed the doctors name to a fake one.


Yes folks, this is a real website and one messed up entrepreneurial venture if you ask me.

Here are a few things this ridiculous site offers :

  • Fake DNA Tests
  • Fake Pregnancy Bellies
  • Fake Prescriptions
  • Fake Silicone Bra Inserts
  • Fake Ultrasounds and Sonograms
  • Fake Doctor’s Office Paperwork


Well it sure seems that this site caters to the already unstable sociopath. This is all the world needs, a ton of young girls and woman running around acting pregnant when they are not! There isn’t a lot that blows our minds here as we have pretty much seen it all, but this…this is just craziness!

fakeababy2And who hell’s baby is this that is featured in all these ultrasounds???

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