Family Of Seven Saves A Ton Of Money Every Year Using This Simple, Genius Savings Plan

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Maine resident Aimée Carter has a very creative way to save money. For many of us, saving money can be a tough task, so finding a creative way to do so is key! 

Together,  Aimée, her husband and five children devised a genius plan to save a little extra money for a family vacation. For one full year, the family used cash only for all point of sale purchases. When they received change back, it was separated by denomination and placed into large jugs.

At the end of the year (which just happened to be this past week) the family cashed in and started all over again! 

Just how much did the family save using this method? A whopping $944.21! Now, following the family rule on saving change, the .21 cents was put back into the appropriate saving jugs and the saving process had begun again! 

Check out the break down of the change values below!

The quarters weighed in at approx. 33-pounds so the family estimated they would have $669. The actual amount was $670.

The dimes weighed in at 11-pounds with a total of $202.

Nickles weighed in at 17 1/2 pounds which equated to $46.55.

Pennies weighed in at 21-pounds, so it was estimated that there would be $31.50. The actual amount was $35.69.

In a world where most purchases are made using plastic, this is such a genius way to save money. 

Give it a try! An extra $944 kicking around is a good chunk of change!


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