Family Says Dog Died After Being Left In Petco Drying Cage

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A Powhatan, Virginia family blames human error by a groomer at Petco for their young dog’s tragic death.

Allison Marks dropped the families dog, Colby, a two-year-old golden retriever, off at the Petco at Westchester Commons in Chesterfield County Friday. Colby was scheduled for a routine grooming appointment.

According to Marks, she had not heard from Petco in over two hours from the time she dropped Colby off, so she called the store. Marks was told to meet the Petco assistant manager at the local area animal hospital. When she arrived, she said Petco’s assistant manager told her Colby was accidentally left in a heated drying cage for too long.

“This is her exact words: your groomer had to go because she had a graduation to go to,” Marks said.

The veterinarian told her Colby likely died of heat stroke. In fact, she said she was told that more than an hour after Colby’s death, the dog’s internal temperature still registered more than 105 degrees.

Marks said Petco’s corporate office reassured her that the drying cages cut off after 15 minutes.


“I said, Well, if they cut off after 15 minutes, how come his temperature is still so high?’” she said.

“You could clearly see he was dead. His eyes were glazed over and stuff. And I just said, ‘Is he dead?’ And they said, ‘Yes, he’s passed on.’ And… that was the worst day ever.”

Marks added that Petco’s management team was very kind during the ordeal. In fact, she said the assistant manager was weeping along with her at the vet’s office.

Source : WTVR

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