Family Uncovers Unbelievable Fortune After Buying New Home

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Moving to a new home can be super frustrating. It is a nerve-wracking, expensive, and stressful experience and once it’s over, it almost always comes with even more responsibility and constant upkeep. But Josh Ferrin was not going to let all that get to him.

He was excited. This was his family’s first real home, and he was just glad to have been able to swing it. Sure, the old house in Bountiful, Utah was a fixer-upper, but that wasn’t something that couldn’t be solved by hard work. From the get-go, though, it seemed that fortune had smiled upon Josh in more ways than one…

He hit the mother lode, but not once did Josh Ferrin even think of laying claim on the more than $45,000 cash that he found in his garage.


In fact, he gave it all back.

“You can’t make plans for money like this that’s found in a situation like this,” Ferrin said. “It just doesn’t feel right to do anything but give it back.”

Within an hour of closing on his first home, Josh Ferrin, an artist for the Deseret News, used the keys to take his first official look inside.

While taking it all in, he noticed a tiny scrap of carpet peeking out of a small door in the ceiling of a workshop at the back of the garage. He got a ladder and climbed up to explore the unseen space. It was dark and musty, but Ferrin could see a black metal box sitting there.


It was a heavy metal box — the kind used to haul ammunition during World War II — and it was filled with cash, old stamps, bond certificates and other random memorabilia. There wasn’t just one box…there were several. 


“I immediately closed it, locked it in my truck and called my wife. ‘You won’t believe what I just found,'” he said. Tara Ferrin immediately knew the couple had to return the money to its rightful owners.


However, Arnold Bangerter, the former homeowner, passed away in November 2010 and his youngest son, Dennis Bangerter, the executor of Bangerter’s estate, had just signed the 1950s red-brick rambler away.




All the money and memorabilia found in the home was returned to Dennis and his family. An incredible, honest gesture that you sadly don’t see a lot of today. What a find and what a wonderful story! 



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