Family Watches As Wolf Pack Wanders Right By Their Cabin

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One family was treated to their own little private zoo as a pack of beautiful wolves passed through a snow covered area by their cabin in Quebec, Canada.

Tyler Kent’s young family spotted the wolves walking around outside. His one-year-old child is seen in the video, face pressed to the glass to get the best view, as another kind of family sniffs through the snow just a few feet away. The wolves seem to pay little mind to the humans, going about their day.

In another segment of the video, a lone wolf with white fur seems to be looking through the glass as it struts alongside the cabin outside.

Québec is home to 7,000 wolves, the fourth largest population in Canada. Whether dreaded or admired, the wolf has become the star of the forest.

Wolves passing this close to a residence as a full pack is quite rare and an absolutely amazing site to see!