51 Famous Things You Wouldn’t Think Were Banned In The U.S.

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There are a ton of laws in America that every citizen and visitor must abide by while in the country. And while a number of these rules are quite normal and applicable in other countries, like not being allowed to drink and drive or take illegal drugs, others are just downright bizarre. A few examples are not being allowed to wake a sleeping bear in Alaska, driving with a blindfold (duh?!), or even getting your fortune told in Massachusetts by a fortune teller without a license – wait, they have licenses for that? And crazy as it may seem, these aren’t the only strange laws there are in America.
Take a look at 51 surprising things, kinds of food, and activities that are actually forbidden in the United States. Some will shock you, others will make you laugh, but all will have you shaking your head in utter disbelief.