Farting Contest Wants To Judge How Loud And Melodic Your Stinker Is

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A movement to praise the melodic sounds of the bodily toot are taking over India! But you don’t have to be a native of India to join to contest! But you will have to travel there — unless your farts are loud enough to be heard there from wherever you are located!

A new craze catching wind in the Indian state of Gujarat and it may just make participants the butt of all jokes. What The Fart (WTF), a farting contest that is set to be the first of its kind, will be held in the city of Surat on September 22. Yes, you read that right.

The contest was created by 48-year old Yatin Sangoi, a singer who says he was once featured on a popular singing show on TV in 2001, and his partner Mul Sanghvi, are on the search for the next ‘padshah’ (exactly what it sounds like): a test to see whose farts are the loudest, the longest and the most musical.

“I farted in the middle of watching a movie with my family and one of them laughed, and said that if there was a contest, I would’ve won. That’s when it hit me! We don’t have anything like it in India,”

Sangoi’s mission to #FreeTheFart is gaining a ton of attention and people have been signing up and getting their gassy asses ready to go!

It will cost 100 Rupee to enter the contest…that is only $1.39 USD. And the winners will get any where from 5000 Rupee to 15000 Rupee ($70 USD to $207 USD).