Father Posts Emotional Video From Daughter’s Grave – The Way She Died Was 100% Avoidable

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After tragically losing his 6-year-old daughter in a horrific car accident, Rick Ellis has a message for us all.

‘Don’t Drink & Drive, Grow Up & Start Being Responsible’

Rick’s daughter was killed along side her mother in a crash that was the result of Christy Johnson Ellis partying for two days straight, doing drugs and drinking alcohol. Christy and her daughter were leaving her boyfriends home where Christy had been assaulted and the pair never made it back home.

Rick created this video at his daughter’s grave site to show others that may have a problem with addiction or don’t find it a big deal to get behind the wheel when intoxicated, just what the end result of poor decision making could look like. In this case, it cost Rick his little girl and it cost his daughter her life.

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Be safe people, think before you get behind the wheel when intoxicated, or better yet…stay sober.



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