Father Sits Down His Son’s To Reveal He Has Won $2.7 Million In The Lottery

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This video may be a few years old, but it is still fun to watch!

The father in the video won a total of USD $2.7 million from playing the lottery. He filmed himself sitting his son’s down to reveal the news, but he didn’t give them the whole story right away.

The father started out by telling the boys he had something serious to talk to them about. He told them he quit his job and then he handed the two boy’s $900 in cash and iPad’s, letting them know that he had won a little money, roughly $35k. Then came a few more piles of cash and more and more…finally revealing to the boy’s that he had in fact won $2.7 million

Check it out below…I would love to do something like this. Of course I would have to win a few million first!


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