‘Fattest Kid In The World’ Once Weighing 420-Lbs, Loses 320-Lbs Without Surgery

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When Jessica Leonard was 8-years-old she weight a staggering 420 pounds. Having the urge to eat large meals every two hours, Jessica gained weight very quickly…and it didn’t seem to stop.

Jessica’s mother, Carolyn Leonard didn’t help calm her daughter’s food addiction, instead she stocked the families fridge and cupboards full of Jessica’s favorite foods. Carolyn states in the video below that she didn’t realize she was harming her child.

As Jessica’s weight increased, so did her medical problems. It wasn’t until Jessica started having a hard time to breathe and was rushed to the hospital, that her mother realized she had made a big mistake.

When she was rushed to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in critical condition, child protective services finally took notice. They ordered that Jessica be sent to an obesity clinic in Virginia. In an effort to maintain any progress her daughter would hopefully make at the clinic, Carolyn was also told to attend parenting classes. That way, she could help Jessica stay on the right track once she was well enough to return home.

Incredibly, during her time at the clinic, Jessica was able to lose 320 pounds thanks to a strict diet and exercise routine — no surgery required!

The transformation is incredible!

Once Jessica returned home, she was finally able to attend school. She keeps a strict schedule of physical therapy five times a week and her diet is carefully monitored by Carolyn.

Jessica is in her teens now and has been able to keep the weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle.