Fergie’s Butchered National Anthem At NBA All-Star Game Draws Laughs

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Fergie National Anthem NBA all star game

Former “Black Eyed Peas” singer Fergie sang the national anthem at the NBA All-Star Game Sunday night — and even the all-stars couldn’t hide their laughter.

The singer’s rendition of America’s beloved “Star-Spangled Banner” had her own notable spin on it, which one Twitter user said was “in the key of ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President.'”

Personally I felt like it was watching a drunk mom trying to act sexy around a bunch of college frat guys.

Golden State Warrior Draymond Green was seen on camera trying to keep a straight face and he wasn’t the only one.

Some people compared the performance to to that of nine-time Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis’s performance at the 1993 NBA Finals. Some have dubbed his rendition of America’s anthem as one of the worst in history.

It is definitely hard to listen to and even harder to watch! Check it out below.