VIDEO | Woman Accidentally Parks On The Hood Of A $400k Ferrari 458 Speciale

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There are some things that everyone just knows as a fact. For example, you don’t need to have even seen a Ferrari in your life to know that they cost a bit of money. But when that car is a Ferrari 458 Speciale, one of the fastest street legal V8s Ferrari has made and capable of going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just three seconds, it’s going to be worth quite a bit of cash.

With that knowledge in mind, if you were trying to parallel park and there was one in the space behind you, you would probably exercise a little extra caution. Not this woman. While trying to reverse her Mercedes 380SL with the vanity licence plate “DER BNZ,” a woman in Great Falls, Virginia, ended up backing onto the hood of a $400,000 Ferrari, causing what is possibly the most expensive fender bender in the history of mankind.

The accident occurred out the front of Katie’s Classic Cars and Coffee on Saturday, August 6, a cafe that bills itself as the “premiere automotive enthusiast gathering,” claiming on their website to attract “hundreds of exotics, antiques and classic vehicles weekly, Katie’s in the place to be on Saturday mornings!”

The Ferrari owner will probably get Saturday morning coffee elsewhere from now on. Both cars were damaged in the accident, but I doubt many people cared about the Benz.


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