Finding A Luxury Villa In Normandy, France

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France has lots to provide vacationers hunting for a new place to try. Whether it is the Paris culture, the serene rural loveliness of a vacation gite in the Dordogne, or a sampling of the renowned French wines, there are numerous such explanations why holidaymakers favor to make this place their eventual holiday destination plus return from time to time.

This picturesque expanse of France is a profusion of history, incorporating the full multiplicity of this country. Normandy is a matchless region having its own historical vernacular and is named after the Danish settlers who settled here in the 9th Century. The house rentals in Normandy France are homely, large and bordered by blooming gardens plus rolling rural areas in localities close to the sea. Normandy is located around two and half hours from Versailles and Paris, plus the Parc Naturel Regional du Perche is situated inside its borders.

Also, there is a huge variety of long-term house rentals in Normandy-France for expatriates, young professionals, and students. Surf via the long-term rentals: studios, apartments, and rooms in different vicinities in Normandy and pick what goes well with you.

Normandy festivities

Hardly will a day pass by in Normandy, devoid of some carnival happening. Whether it is La Fete du Normandes reveling in Normandy itself in September, the Spring Festival in March, a medieval weekend with boulevard parades or the spectacles and flea markets.

There are very few dates during the year which do not feature some sort of fair or event, celebrating the expanse’s diverse history. D-Day is a predominantly significant time in Normandy’s diary when the 1944 Normandy Landing is commemorated. All these make a retreat home inside Normandy an excellent idea for numerous people. Whichever property you pick out, you shall enjoy a comfortable and smooth stay.

What to eat in Normandy

Normandy, akin to Provence along with other prevalent French regions, has a great culinary heritage, boasting fresh seafood, rich and delicious poultry cuisines, sweet apples, exotic cheese plus the best milk and butter you have ever come across. Enjoy this buffet of electrifying tastes in any of Normandy’s outstanding eateries, or pick up selected fresh constituents from local agricultural traders at marketplaces and prepare your own customary meal back at Normandy holiday homes. Ensure not to forego on regional specialisms of scallops in white wine, rice pudding, and meadow-grazed lamb. Unwind in the evening in French country cottages while sipping a glass of Calvados, grown inside Normandy’s lovely plantations.

Why chicvillas?

Chicvillas’s holiday-France rentals, luxury villas, and chateaux are accessible in Normandy wherein you can get magnificent rocky bays, spectacular beaches, and in the rural area – teeming with countryside charm. Tourists can book the holiday villas day and night throughout the year. Surf via the diversity of holiday France rentals and get hypnotized by our variety – from a selection of authentic luxury holiday villa rentals and chateaux in France and Spain which have all been personally evaluated by us.