Dad Finds Fireball Whiskey Bottle In His 16-Year-Old Daughter’s Room…Sends Awesome Video Message!

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Being a father to a teenager can be tough at times…and being the father to a teenage girl…can be even crazier. 

In the video below, one Texan father found a near empty bottle of Fireball Whiskey in his daughters sock drawer. His daughter was on vacation, so he decided to send her a video message. 

At first, the disappointed dad wishes his daughter well on her vacation…and then he lets her know that when she gets home, she has some explaining to do.

He indices his daughter to give him an explanation of why there is liquor in her sock drawer. He offers up a few explanations of his own, but ultimately lets her know that he will have to call the police if she cannot provide an adequate expiation.

fireball whiskey daughter bedroom

Check it out below!

I like to think I would play it this cool if I found whiskey in my teenage daughters sock drawer.