Firefighter Watches Live Video Of Thieves Breaking Into His Home

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While a Kansas City firefighter was on duty, two men kicked in his front door and stole his belongings. 

Ryan Koehler, a Kansas City, Mo. firefighter was on duty when his phone alerted him that there was movement in his living room. His wife also received the same alert. The couple have a security camera set up in their living room which sends out alerts via an app when their is movement in the home. 

At first, the couple thought it was their dog that set off the alarm, but as the couple watched live streaming video on their cellphones, they quickly realized the alert was not caused from the dog. 

They watched as their front door was kicked in and two suspects raided their home, stealing their TV and other electronics. 

These types of security systems are inexpensive and can do wonders. They are well worth the money. 

There have been no arrests in the case. 


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