First Day After Prison Release Man Robs The Same Store, Same Clerk He Did 15 Years Earlier

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Oh New Jersey, you have done it again!  How ridiculous is this guy?

Christopher Miller was released from prison after serving time for robbing a Rite Aid in Toms River, NJ.  The very next day Miller went back to his old stomping grounds, the Toms River Rite Aid he robbed 15 years earlier.  Miller robbed the store again, in fact he robbed the same clerk he robbed all those years prior too.  The clerk had actually been notified by police of Miller’s release prior to the second robbery.  The clerk notified police and Miller pleaded guilty to robbing the store, again.

Miller was out of parole for the first robbery, therefore the second robbery will net him 10 to 20 years behind bars. I am almost positive Miller will get his same cell as before to!


Christopher Miller (Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office)