Five Streetwear Brands To Keep Watching In 2020

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There are many streetwear brands floating around in the world of fashion, some major brands, some up and coming and some that are so elusive and hard to get – that you just have to get your hands on a piece of gear.

Recently, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s men’s collections prophesied the impending doom of streetwear fashion, however, the interview was taken out of context and in fact, the streetwear world is going to evolve and will reach new heights in coming years.

Esquire had this to say:

“Streetwear,” a wildly ambiguous catchall phrase the industry invented to refer to everything from (non-designer) graphic tees to (some) basketball shorts to denim (from certain brands), was always an inadequate term to capture the full breadth of the brands typically grouped together under its name. Supreme, the seminal streetwear upstart turned billion-dollar behemoth, and industry standard-bearer, was always about way more than T-shirts and hoodies—the label currently sells some of the best tailoring around and it doesn’t feel like a stylistic stretch in the slightest. Today, so many of the brands making what the industry would still refer to as streetwear are as likely to be the best place to find your next favorite tee as they are the topcoat you’ll want to wear over it. So for all of ye of little faith, fret not: Streetwear’s second act is sure to be even more exciting than its first.

With that said…here are a few streetwear brands you are going to want to keep an eye on in 2020 and beyond.


Clouded Co. or Clouded Company is one of the elusive streetwear brands that we spoke about at the beginning of this piece. With new clothing drops happening at random times and dates, you really have to keep an eye on their site if you want to score a piece from their collections. With their simplistic style, quality clothing and carefree vibe, just putting one of their shirts on makes you cool.




What more is there to left to say about Supreme, the small skate label James Jebbia founded in 1994 that scored a billion dollar valuation a few years ago, upending almost every aspect of how the fashion industry operates in the process?



Golf Wang is Tyler The Creator’s outlet to express his singular take on the skate-rat look he made mainstream, now updated to reflect his maturation as an artist and as a man who gets off extremely good fits.



Started by Lev Tanju in 2009 quickly emerged as one of the hottest streetwear brands around, bringing a decidedly British take on skate culture that’s all its own. The company’s tri-ferg logo is one of the most recognizable cool-kid signifiers around.



Kyle Ng launched Brain Dead as a creative collective of artists and designers from around the world. Collaborating with big names—including A.P.C., Carhartt, and The North Face—on highly covetable pieces that incorporate the brand’s signature doodling and scribbled graphics.