Five Things You Need For Natural Gas Installation

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When you want to convert from oil heating to natural gas, you need to know how to get the conversion done safely and quickly. There are five things listed below that will help you complete the conversion. You will spend much less money on your utilities when you have changed to natural gas, and you can work with the local natural gas company on this process. You can convert your home, your business, or a new property to natural gas for efficiency’s sake.

1. A Permit


You can work with your Alberta energy company to get the permit that is needed to change to natural gas. There are some upgrades that need to be made to your home o bring it up to the local building code requirements, and the permit will give you the leeway you need to make these changes.

2. Gas Lines Inside And Outside


You need to have gas lines inside and outside the building installed. The gas company is responsible for the conversion on he outside where they must maintain the lines. You will be given an idea of how much it costs to convert to gas inside the house, and you can replace all the oil lines with gas.

The gas lines outside the house need a trench that will send them to your house. When you have the gas company come out to your house, they will show you where they need to dig, and you can even have the lawn flagged so that you do not have any issues with water lines or power lines that are underground. If you would like to install the gas connection on a certain part of the house, you can consult with the gas company about the direction of the new line.

3. Upgrade Your Service Connection


You may need to upgrade the service connections around the building. If the building was taken off gas heat at any time in the past, you may need to change how the connection is installed. The gas company can tell you what needs to be done with the service connection, and you can add those installation costs to your bill. You simply need to ask the gas company how much it costs, when they can complete the upgrade, and how long the upgrade takes.

4. A New Meter


You should ask the gas company if they are using a high-efficiency meter that offers the most accurate readings. Many cities and towns around Canada are switching to improved meters because they want to get the right readings every month. You can research your own meter, ask the gas company which one they plan to use, or you could pay for a much better meter because you want your house to have cutting edge technology.

5. Buy Your New Appliances


You have the option to add as many new appliances as you want to the house. You may choose to send gas to a new water heater that uses gas, a new heater that uses gas, and even a new dryer that uses gas. Installing new gas lines may be expensive, but natural gas is so cheap that the conversion will pay for itself over time when you shave money on your utility bills.


You can convert to natural gas at any time when you have been using oil heat in the house. You can work with the gas company to get the results that you need, and you can get new appliances, new gas lines, and even get help with the permits that are needed for your installation.