Five Tips To Kick-Start Your Weight Loss Journey.

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Losing weight is a life goal for many of us. But bringing it to fruition can be quite difficult. Moving from a sedentary to an activity-filled lifestyle can be a challenge. That is why we often don’t see results even after exercise and dieting. Sometimes, our body needs that extra push to get working on burning fat.

If you’ve started on a weight loss journey but feel like you need a kick start, just keep reading. We’ve created a list of 5 great ways through which you can get yourself on track and lose weight with ease.

1. Lemon water in the morning –

A glass of warm lemon water in the morning, just after you wake up, will do wonders. It will increase your metabolism, enabling your body to process carbs and food faster. It’ll also keep you hydrated and help you exercise better. The presence of lemon in the water will help cut down fat and calories. You can also use this as a replacement for other beverages like soda, tea, or coffee.

2. Eat a nourishing breakfast –

If you usually skip breakfast, try doing the opposite. You may be thinking as to how eating can make you lose weight. Well, here’s the answer. By eating a light, balanced breakfast, you’ll keep yourself full and prevent snacking. Your body will be more energetic and you’ll be able to work out more. Avocado toast, yogurt with strawberries and bananas are some examples of healthy yet low-calorie breakfasts.

3. Stay away from alcohol –

The intake of alcohol can sabotage your weight loss. It may even make you gain weight. Alcohol itself doesn’t contain many calories, but while drinking, people tend to eat other high-calorie foods. Booze can lower your inhibitions and cause you to seriously over-eat. So try to stay away from alcohol as much as possible. If you’ll have to be at a social gathering, then eat a balanced meal beforehand as it’ll prevent you from getting hungry. A small plate of some carbs and veggies will be sufficient.

4. Try out an intense diet –

A weight loss trick that people often turn to is an intense diet plan. These diets usually last for a few days and involve a limited intake of food. Such plans help you lose weight quickly, which gives an amazing confidence boost. The favorable results also help push you out of the slump and encourage you to work hard. However, make sure you do it according to instructions. Do not continue them for a prolonged period of time. For inspiration, you can check this intense 3-day diet meal plan and menu.

5. Cut down carbs and sugar –

The consumption of carbohydrates and sugar daily contribute greatly to bloating and weight gain. By cutting out carbs for a few days, and increasing the intake of vegetables, your body will be less bloated and you’ll see a quick drop in weight. Replace the carbs in your meals with soups, sauteed vegetables, and protein. This is a tactic that is recommended by nutritionists as well. A few weeks without carbs is all you need to see a visible loss of weight.