Southwest Flight Attendant’s ‘Sexy’ Safety Instructions Has Plane & Internet Laughing

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flight attendant sexy instructions

If you have ever sat through pre-flight safety instructions, you know they can be super boring. But, we’re willing to bet you’ve never sat through an airline safety tutorial quite like the one experienced by the passengers of Southwest Flight 1597.

On a routine trip from Dallas to Las Vegas, Southwestern flight attendant Nicholas Demore put on a “sexy” show that surprised and amused everyone on board, including his fellow crew members. Not surprisingly, the unusual safety briefing has started to go viral.

Video of Demore’s risky business was taken by passenger Samantha Lynch Kintner, and then posted on Facebook.

“Everyone thought he was hilarious,” Kintner told WISTV. “He was funny throughout the flight.”

The female flight attendant giving the instructions over the loud speaker could barely keep it together and she wasn’t alone. As the instructions went on, Demore got more and more into them…putting on a show that the entire plane and now world…thoroughly enjoyed!