Floor Completely Collapses At Indonesia Stock Exchange

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Floor Completely Collapses Indonesia Stock Exchange

A video circulating online shows the dramatic moment when the entire second floor of the Indonesia Stock Exchange collapses, sending over 50 people plummeting downward.

In all, over 70 people were injured and there luckily no casualties resulted from the mayhem.

A group of university students from the island of Sumatra, visiting the building on a study tour, were among the worst injured and were in hospital being treated for fractures and breaks.

A college student visiting the stock exchange said she felt a tremor just before the mezzanine floor collapsed into the building’s lobby, with the debris hitting and injuring some of her friends.

“We were visiting the Jakarta stock exchange as part of our study tour when the structure suddenly collapsed, causing chaos,” the student, identified as Ade from Palembang in Sumatra, told Metro TV.


Talk about a scary moment!