Florida Landlord Is Making All Of His Tenants Get Vaccinated Or They Must Move

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Santiago A. Alvarez and his family own 8 apartment complexes throughout Miami-Dade county, Florida – and if you are not vaccinated – you can forget about living in any one of them!

If you are currently living in one of Alvarez’s apartments and you are not vaccinated by the time your lease is ready to be renewed, you will have to find another place to live!

No is even sure if this is legal.

Alvarez owns 1,200 units in the two counties and he is the first large-scale landlord known to national housing experts to impose a vaccine requirement not only for employees, but also for tenants. They’ll be required to produce documentation that they’ve received at least an initial vaccine dose.

The reason Alvarez is taking such drastic measures, is that 12-15 of his tenants have died of COVID-19 and many more were quite sick. He does not want this to continue happening in homes in which he owns.

Aman  who said he was vaccinated said Alvarez is overstepping his bounds. “That should be illegal,” he said of the policy. “You can’t force people to do what they don’t want to do.”

After they learned about the new policy, two tenants who don’t plan to get vaccinated contacted local eviction defense attorneys about potentially challenging the policy in court.