Florida Man Gives Away Thousands Of Dollars To Strangers “Love Every Body”

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Kind people are everywhere — as one marketing agent at a western Florida Waffle House found out first hand!

Kevin Cate passed an elderly gentleman sitting at a dining table and strewn about the table were folded five and single dollar bills alongside square little pieces of paper that read “Love Every Body.”

Interested in what this man was doing, Cate asked the elderly gentleman what he was doing, and the man replied that since 2014 he’d been giving away one and five-dollar bills for kids and others in need. Every few days, the gentleman had to cut out the “Love Every Body” notes and assemble a new batch of money.




The phrase “Love Every Body” was not a random phrase. Before the gentleman’s mother passed away, “love every body” were her last words. The man most certainly took those final words to heart, giving the message a life of its own with beautiful acts of random kindness. Since the gentleman started doing it in 2014, he’s given away $13,000 to kids and strangers around the town. But, the gentleman stated, that here (the Waffle House) was his favorite spot.