Flower Math Problems for kids “The Adding Game”

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A fun way to get kids involved in learning math facts!

“The Adding Game”


This Flower Math Problem is great for kids learning math.  It let’s them choose what the answers are on the pedals.  Write a number in the middle and let the kids answer the puzzle.  









The next Flower Math Problem is a little more tricky in that some people believe it’s unsolvable so it’s more of a brain tease than anything.  Look at the Blue pedals and count them all….that’s my hint! This will be a brain tease for you…considering over 90% of people get this wrong. Here is the answer if you get frustrated.



This is kinda like the first but made a little easier…just use one or two leaves for the answers! The beauty of this simple idea is you can be creative with your kids and have a little fun too! 

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