Here Is How To Keep Your Car Windows From Fogging Up Using A Simple Common Product

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Foggy windows are something that plague all drivers who live in cold-weather areas. You jump in your car in the morning and get ready to drive away. Just as you’re about to pull out of the driveway, you realize that you can’t go anywhere until the windows are fog-free.

Normally you have to wait for what seems like forever for the fog to dissipate – but not anymore! Now there’s a simple trick to getting rid of foggy winter windows and it works perfectly!

In the video below, Youtuber Chris Fix tries out a few different ways to defog your car windows. From using a store bought defogging product to a potato, Chris finds that one outshines the rest!

Sectioning off his driver’s side window into five sections with tape, Chris applied a defogger in one section, shaving cream in another, baby lotion, hand sanitizer and even a potato to the glass.

Once Chris steamed up the window, he was able to see which product worked best.

The potato, baby lotion and hand sanitizer were ineffective and worked horribly. The defogger product worked as promised, but it was the shaving cream that actually worked the best!

So, gearing up for those cold days ahead, why not treat your windows with shaving cream and never worry about foggy windows again! Pretty cool I’d say!