Food For Thought: The Science Behind One’s Diet And Educational Outcomes

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Was there a time when you just didn’t have any desire to study? Have you ever thought about having a snack while writing your academic assignment? If yes, then it was a good idea, since the type of food that you consume can influence your brain activity.

However, not only food but also water can maximize your focus. According to BBC, if you are not hydrated enough, you may begin to suffer from headaches, diminished concentration, and other conditions that will minimize your ability to study.

Read on to find out what food can maintain your energy levels and improve your concentration.

Right Fats

It is a fact that people consume too much Omega-6. It can be is present in various vegetables and oils. Eating vegetables is excellent; however, learning brains require Omega-3 more. You can limit your Omega-6 intake and try to eat more fish and seafood. This way, your body will get the needed amount of this vitamin to stimulate your brainpower.

According to the Olive Press, the best way to stimulate the blood flow to the brain is to eat not just any fish, but an oily one. When you are completing an academic assignment, you surely don’t have a lot of time to cook some fancy meals. So, your best choice would be to have a salmon, sardine, or tuna sandwich, since they don’t take long to prepare and you can buy them anywhere.


Fruits are excellent sources of fiber that is needed to slow down the release of food into the body. Moreover, when spending a lot of time doing research, you must have a way to boost your immune system, since you spend a lot of time indoors. A great way to get the needed amount of Vitamin C is to eat oranges, kiwi, and other fruits that have a significant amount of Vitamin C in them.

Also, it is an excellent idea to eat berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. They contain highly important antioxidants that do a great job of improving cognition.

Dark Chocolate

You may be surprised to hear that chocolate is helpful in case of when you need to complete a writing task or take a math test, but it is the truth. This food does an astounding job of boosting your memory and improving your mood, which is what you will need when doing research or writing. Whenever you are getting ready to do some kind of a task, eat a piece of dark chocolate. You will notice that even writing custom college essays will be a piece of cake for you.

Complex Carbohydrates

Our bodies need sugar for fuel. However, the sugars found in sodas and sweets cannot provide a person with steady energy. So, skip these foods and try to eat more complex carbohydrates. Such foods include whole grains, fresh vegetables, and beans. If you plan on spending the whole night finishing a college assignment, it is a great idea to get enough fuel for your brain to function fast and stay sharp.


This type of food is needed to sustain energy levels. However, try to get protein from healthy sources, the ones that are lower in fat. Scientists claim that a breakfast high in protein can decrease anxiety and relieve stress, which is the main problem of many US students.

Olive Oil

Everyone knows that olive oil is excellent for the functioning of the heart, but not everyone knows that it is equally great for the brain. It has been proven that a higher amount of olive oil consumption can improve memory and many other essential cognitive functions.

Sea Vegetables

These foods are the best ones that there is for getting enough iodine in the human body. This component is of utmost importance for the functioning of the brain and its overall health. If you are one of those people that don’t like to eat such foods, try toasted nori. It is an extremely tasty and healthy snack.

The Bottom Line

You must understand that if you eat healthy for one day, it is not going to make a great difference for you. You need to stick to these healthy habits and try to consume the foods mentioned above daily. This way, your brain functioning will improve, and you will have better overall health. It will be much easier for you to memorize things, conduct paper research, and write college assignments. Moreover, the accumulated stress will just fade away, and it will be easier for you to concentrate on studying.